Robert Matthew Introduces New Visionary Shapewear Mid-Thigh Shaper Shorts

Looking for a new shapewear piece to transform your look in any outfit and make give you the confidence to be a true empowered visionary?


Looking perfect in an outfit is the desire of every woman. But the truth is that not everyone has the perfect body and most women dread wearing their favorite outfits simply because their bodies don't make it easy for them. But whether you are dealing with weight gain or you are not just as confident with your belly or thighs, shapewear can fetch you that perfect look in an instant.

Robert Matthew’s Visionary Shapewear Mid-Thigh Shaper Shorts offers a sleeker figure instantly. As long as you have selected the right piece for you, you will look much slimmer without a need to lose pounds. They garments also smooth your body out ensuring that the fats are distributed perfectly contouring you in an attractive manner. You do not need to worry about bumps and lumps when wearing the correct body shaper.

These waist-whittling and thigh slimming body shaping garments are actually sheer and very, very lightweight. They are designed so that you can layer the tummy shaping hipster underneath the mid-thigh shapers so that you can layer them on to get the level of compression that you want. These body shaper garments are not only slimming, but sexy, and innovative in design!

Robert Matthew visionary shapewear mid-thigh shaper shorts also feature a breathable mesh brief design that keeps you cool all day. That means you can wear your party dresses all day long. You can wear under skirts, dresses, jeans, leggings, wedding dresses, and tighten your midsection look.

If you want to look leaner, need a little bit of extra tummy control, or want to take up to 1 dress size off, then you already know that shapewear is a girl's best friend! Visit Robert Matthew Shop for information on the best shapewear for summer. Feel more confident and look sexier with your slimmer body!

Shapewear Features:

  • Comfortable Lightweight Breathable Material
  • Tightens and Tones Tummy and Mid-Section
  • Light to Medium Control
  • Anti-Skid Silicone Waist Band & Light Boning to Help Prevent Roll Down
  • Breathable mesh short design for cool all day comfort
  • Material: Spandex 25% / Nylon 75%

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