Shapewear Myths v/s Reality! A Secret That Every-Woman Should Know


Shapewear has existed since ancient times, some of the earliest versions of shapewear was corsets. They were used in the ancient days by women almost daily but with time shapewear has become even more common as even men have started to use shapewear.

Shapewear is most commonly used by people to appear more in shape than they usually do. Shapewear is made up using stretchy fabric which gives the body a good shape and makes the tummy look smaller and also makes the figure better. 

But there is still a large section of people who do not use shapewear because of the myths that have been around since the beginning of the introduction of shapewear. Most of those myths are nothing but a lie. Here is a Myths v/s Reality for shapewear that can help you clear your doubts about the same.

Myth No. 1

One of the most common myths about shapewear is that it is very constraining and can affect blood circulation and can cause suffocation. This myth probably started because of the early forms of shapewear, it was a time when we did not have enough options for materials and there was not enough research done on the matter and therefore, the earlier forms had this problem. 


Nowadays there are so many types of shapewear available for men and women that are made up of very comfortable material that is not only breathable but also allows proper movement and does not affect the activeness. They are also very light and feel very comfortable under the clothes. Strapless Shapewear is a modern form of shapewear that provides maximum comfort which proves this myth to be completely and utterly untrue. Some of the most comfortable shapewear can be purchased form sites like

Myth No. 2

Shapewear has been associated to plus size people because people think that it is only for people who are overweight or obese. Many times plus size people are seen in the advertisements for shapewear and maybe this is why people started to associate shapewear with such people.


The reality is much different than the myth. Shapewear is not something designed for weight loss, it is rather designed for giving a better shape to the body. Therefore, it can be worn by anyone who desires to have a better shape. This is the reason why it is available in Shapewear plus size and any other size. Women as well as men who have a tummy and want to make it appear tucked in can try shapewear. It can also give a better shape to the areas where the skin is a bit loose such as thighs, arms, breasts/chest, and other similar areas.

Myth No. 3

Another very common myth about shapewear is that it can affect the skin negatively. Many people have this perception about shapewear because they think that the fabric of shapewear would be very tight on their skin and due to the lack of air and the amount of sweat that the shapewear would cause would result in rashes and skin infection.


The reality about this myth is that the fabric that is very commonly used for making shapewear is very light and is a very breathable fabric. This ensures that the skin gets enough air. However, it can cause some discomfort or rashes to people who have very sensitive skin and it is advisable for such people to see a dermatologist and get a consultation before trying shapewear.

Myth No. 4

It is a myth that wearing multiple shapewear can give a slimmer look. People often assume that wearing more than one shapewear would provide more coverage and as a result, it would allow them to appear slimmer and because of this they often layer their shapewear which is not a very wise choice.


It is completely untrue that multiple layers of shapewear are helpful. Wearing multiple layers of shapewear can cause a lot of discomfort as it would not allow the skin to breathe and the overlapping can make a person look not very slim. What is true is that there are many types of shapewear available that provide different types of coverage. People who want tighter fitting can choose one with the highest coverage. Nobody should ever layer their shapewear because it can have adverse health effects.

Myth No. 5

People consider shapewear just like leggings and other similar clothing items and that is why they often wash it just like those. People generally put in their shapewear along with their usual laundry and think that it does not need any special care.


The reality about this is that shapewear is made up of a fabric that is different from most other clothing items and washing it with other clothes can cause a lot of damage to the shapewear. Its shape can get affected because of a harsh machine wash and then it would be of no use to anyone that is why special attention should be paid towards the washing care of shapewear to ensure that it has a long life.

There are many more myths about shapewear but most of them are also false or partly true. Shapewear, these days are very well designed and are very comfortable and there are almost no adverse effects of shapewear. You can check out some of the best shapewear for yourself at robertmatthew as there is a very vast range of shapewears available as well as different sizes.

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