The Best Shapewear to wear under formal wear!

A person who has to go to work every day in a formal attire has to keep in mind that their formals look good on them. Mostly they must be well fitted and clean to give you a professional look and to make you feel confident. Wearing formals in the right way makes you look proficient and your outfit speaks for you. As they say, the first impression is the last impression thus if you don't wear your formals in a proper way then it ruins your first impression that you are about to leave on the person sitting in front of you. It is essential to take care of everything while carrying yourself in formal wearThus shapewear is mandatory while wearing formal attire. Buying a pair of shapewear will make you confident and gives you an appealing physique. Shapewear is easy to wear under any piece of clothing and not only just formal attire. Let us delve into smart ways of wearing shapewear:

● Under strapless dress: When it comes to strapless wear it is important to wear the right bra. Women know that wearing the wrong bra can be a problem and can make you feel irritated as it keeps slipping down. If you purchase bras from Robert Matthew Fashion you will have a lightly padded bra and seamless cups that maintain the structure and offer all-day support to you. Also, they are easy to wear and can give you the utmost comfort.

● Under a mini dress: When it comes to showing your legs, the last thing you want to have is shapewear. But if you purchase the right shapewear it can make you look fit and fine. You can get yours from Robert Matthew Fashion which will give you the ultimate coverage without slipping. There are no chances of visibility of undergarments. Also, they are made from smooth and stretchable clothing material which gives you the utmost comfort.

● Under a work dress: Knit dresses can be forgiving with tiny imperfections but they can accentuate major ones. You can wear your favorite knit formal wear dress with curve-hugging shapewear from Robert Matthew Fashion. These shorts will tuck your tummy in while lifting and making your buttocks smooth making your workwear look good on you every day.

● Under a high waisted skirt and top: Why not look sexy and stylish on a formal occasion without revealing anything by investing in high waist shapewear that will make your upper hips, thighs, tush, and belly smooth. It also gives you the flexibility to wear anything on the top without feeling uncomfortable or uneasy. Thus you will get the confidence to look and feel confident inside out 

● Under an evening gown: If you have recently purchased an evening gown which you are planning to wear at an office party. You can wear it with streamlined shapewear from top to bottom. There are a plethora of sizes one can choose from depending on your figure and specific silhouette you are planning to wear. If you are wearing a low cut dress you can wear something which is focusing on the upper half of the body and cuts below the bum. Thus giving you the confidence to look elegant and feel fabulous.

● Under a racerback: While there are several products available in the market that can slide through bra straps and can be pulled together making them suitable for racerback. They are not suitable as they don't give a smooth appearance and fine lines would be visible over the dress. Thus shapewear brought from Robert Matthew Fashion is helpful as one can wear them comfortably on an even daily basis and the bra would go unnoticed under any top.

● Slip Skirt: If you are planning to wear something semi-formal you can go for a slip skirt. It will keep your belly intact and won't expose your body parts. Hence shapewear is essential for such a dress. You can buy a suitable shape now and wear them in formals just the way you want to.

Thus rather than being uncomfortable in your favorite dress, you should purchase shapewear to get compliments from people and your loved ones and become the talk of the town. You don't need to worry about your physique if you have comfortable shapewear which is flexible for all your outfits.


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