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They say the first step towards achieving total confidence is to look confident and to feel confident in what you wear and to have positive thoughts. Everybody aspires to look great in every outfit but some dresses do not look well on certain people due to their physique or body type. But you don't need to worry. This problem has been resolved by shapewear. These help you tone down extra fat from your body and look amazing in every outfit. Nowadays body shapers have been in trend thus the market is flooded with a plethora of alternatives in shapewear to wear for different body types and to look fit various attires. Hence before buying one, one must have complete knowledge about shapewear to buy what best suits them. Here is a complete guide to wearing shapewear.


Types of shapewear

The market is flooded with plenty of options when it comes to shapewear. While some may be made of polyester, others are made of breathable material like cotton. In recent times, people prefer comfort over anything else. The radiance shapewear collection my RM fashion is one of the trending options for comfortable shapewear. Thus here are a few types of shapewear of different dress types.

1. Shaping briefs - These are shorts type material that helps you to tuck in your tummy making it look toned. These also redefine your waistline and help you attain the confidence you desire. These often come in the form of lightweight shapewear giving you the effortless look and to help you fit right in every dress. You can wear it under any cute dress as they can be worn every day. Just refrain from wearing them at night as they may make you uncomfortable.

2. Shaping leggings - These do an all-round function of shaping your lower body from your tummy to your ankles so that you don't have to wear a lot of shapewear for different needs as this high waist shapewear will do the needful. You can try these leggings from  Robert Matthew fashion that are bodacious high waisted tummy control fashion leggings. You can wear them as they are without exposing your body fat or you may wear it under a maxi dress. The best feature that comes along with them is that they are comfortable to wear and the elastic is at the top so you do not have to worry about the visibility of fine lines through your dress. You may even wear it every day under a trouser.

3. Shaping camisoles - A shaping camisole is shapewear in the form of a dress which mostly tones down your upper bodies such as breasts, waist, and tummy. So in a way, it covers all your upper body issues. Some of these even have bra support attached underneath so that you don't have the hassle of wearing a bra again although it does come with an option to wear a bra. So if you are planning to wear an A-line dress you should wear it underneath as it would prevent you from having fine lines of body shaper and give you a streamlined look.

4. Waist trainer corset - A waist trainer corset is designed to cut those extra inches off your waist and make your cleavage look enhanced so that people notice your physique and compliment you. It can help you look up to 4 inches thinner and give you the physique you desire. While most people don't know that a waist trainer corset is different than a corset. A traditional corset may not be comfortable to be worn all day long but for special occasions, it would make you look like the star of the party while you can run, eat, jog and conquer the world in a waist trainer corset. These can be worn under tight tops as well. You can buy one from Robert Matthew fashion which ensures comfort and style all in one place.

At last, shapewear nowadays is designed to give you the perfect look for any attire but one has to have some knowledge beforehand before buying shapewear so that it fits their needs and comfort thus these tips would surely help you select the best shapewear and look at your best.


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