10 Successful Mompreneurs to inspire you today!

Every day we see examples of
inspiring moms who are sensational at multitasking and balance their family life and work. Being a mother is already a full-time job and is pretty engaging. Women who are managing businesses on top of being a mother should receive the recognition they deserve. On the second Sunday of May each year or 9th May this year, we get to celebrate this wonderful creation of God that is mothers.

This Mother’s Day, we here at Robert Matthew bring you a list of 10 mom entrepreneurs who are sure to inspire you –

Ten mompreneurs to motivate you:

  • Paige Lauren
  • The business idea for this mompreneur popped up when she couldn’t find anything for her friend’s newborn baby. She always wanted to start up something but wasn’t clear as to what. When she saw this opportunity, she jumped right into designing baby clothes. Her baby clothing line achieved great success.

  • Jakki Liberman
  • The founder of the brand Bumkins, Jakki, first created an upgraded cloth diaper when her kid with sensitive skin reacted badly to the disposable ones. Getting cloth diapers wasn’t easy because they were only available through delivery service.  So this inspiring mom created her variation and launched her brand. Her business is now spread to a wider range of baby products.

  • Jacqueline Smith
  • Mompreneur Jacqueline came up with the idea of creating a solution to have at-home manicures that are quick. She did a lot of research to ensure that the concept she was thinking of didn’t already exist. Then she developed Palisade, a liquid painter’s tape for nails and is now available in all Sephora stores in the country. 

  • Michele Welsh
  • The venture SafetyTat gives us insight into how creative moms can be when trying to find the solution to everyday problems they face with their kids. The inspiring mom Michele wrote down her phone number on her children’s arm while visiting a theme park. Then the idea popped into her head, and she created the venture with her husband. SafetyTat offers temporary tattoos, labels, and stickers with your phone number and other details.

  • Kwany Lui
  • The founder of Bundle Organics was herself an expecting mom when the idea of developing this company formed in her head. She recognized that there were a lot of women struggling to balance their diets during pregnancy. So, mompreneur Kwany developed a variety of organic prenatal juices and teas specifically for pregnant or nursing women.

  • Julie Aigner-Clark
  • An inspirational mom and a former teacher Clark founded the Baby Einstein Company when she saw an opportunity to aid the intellectual development of children from an early age. They provide videos, toys, flashcards, and other interactive products and help the children learn.

  • Sheila Lirio Marcelo
  • Another problem-solving mom entrepreneur, her idea for Care.com, came from finding quality child care solutions. She knew that she had to find a better way than using the phone book or asking the neighbours. She founded Care.com, the largest online care destination with more than 10.7 million members in about 16 countries.

  • Nicole Gleeson
  • A mother of two and an inspiring mom, Nicole Gleeson founded Little Mizz Kit. This kit provides life lessons, fitness, nutrition, how-to’s, and arts and craft. This kit was founded to inspire creativity and boost confidence in girls from an early age.

  • Maia Haag
  • This mom co-founded a company along with her husband that provides personalized books and gifts for children. There are many stories, and they are all customizable, meaning the children can insert themselves in the stories and have a great time reading them or listening to them.

  • Erin Schurtz
  • As a woman who has an active lifestyle, Erin always consumed protein shakes and bars. But when she found out she was pregnant, her food habits became a cause of concern, and she couldn’t find anything to supplement her active lifestyle. This mompreneur then created Mommi, a protein powder that's safe for pregnant women and had a daily dose of prenatal vitamins. 

    It is needless to say that times are changing, and mom entrepreneurs are on the rise. Although they might be jam-packed with things to do when they take care of their children, a brilliant business idea pops up now and then. Here at Robert Matthew, we applaud these brilliant mompreneurs for showing us that you can always find your passion and follow it. We thank all you inspiring moms out there who juggle their household and work perfectly.

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